BIM Implementation Road Map


BIM Implementation Roadmaps - BIM Roadmap offers a method for an organisation to chart or map their corporate BIM strategy (which meets their business needs and /or government strategy) via a number of clear stages or layers. Whatever you are, Design firm, Contractor company, or client, we can develop a BIM roadmap especially for your organisation which reflect your current business process and the development that you need to implement BIM and achieve your desired benefits. Ultimately, BIM roadmap tells the top management where they are today and what they need to do to fully leverage BIM use. The roadmap is a guide to integrating its business strategy with technology and project delivery strategies...

What we can do for you

Process and workflow:

  • Describe the way to work is done: describe the process from early design stage through construction administration.
  • Select the suitable tools to achieve your business needs.
  • Evaluate your current process and identify current limitation.
  • Develop process improvement and paths to accelerate your current work.
  • Improve standard alignment to increase speed and accuracy.
  • Use templates and content libraries to automate your process output.
  • Find out add-ins or other automation tools to work more efficiently.

Training and Education:

  • Evaluate your staff and ensure that they are using BIM to its full potential.
  • Plan for forthcoming training courses and education sessions.
  • Support low productivity team members who are slowing down the team due to a lack of skills.
  • Improve collaboration throughout your team.

Project Start-Up:

  • Create execution plan to ensure all team members of your project (both internally and externally) are on the same page regarding standards and procedures
  • Coordinate work across your current disciplines.
  • Clearly, define the project deliverables and data drops.

Project Close-Out:

  • Archive your files and deliverables.
  • Extract content for your libraries and templates.
  • Record lessons learned from this project and apply them to current and future projects.

Creating Roadmap:

  • Creating a roadmap is a process, not a final destination. Your progress should be monitored and evaluated by using Maturity assessment model. Please go to Maturity page for further clarification.